Safety System Recalibration

Is there is a camera connected to your windshield? If your windshield needs replaced, it’s crucial to recalibrate the camera for it to function properly. Our technicians are experienced with the recalibration process to keep you safe on the road.

ADAS & Its Importance

As automakers are advancing the technology capabilities of vehicles, your vehicle’s front windshield may utilize Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) technology. The majority of road accidents are caused by human error. ADAS was developed to automate and enhance aspects of the driving experience to increase safety and safe driving habits.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Anti-Lock Brakes

Forward Collision Warning

High Beam Safety System

Lane Departure

Traffic Signal Recognition

Traction Control

And More!

Types of Calibration

Static Calibration

Static calibration is performed in our shop. This is generally required for newer foreign vehicles. Our technicians go through an extensive process to get your ADAS performing at its best. We pre-scan, replace, re-calibrate, and post-scan to ensure your vehicle meets or exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. The Autel MaxiSys ADAS Calibration Application software that we use takes out the “guess work” and confirms correct /precise calibration.

Dynamic Calibration

Dynamic calibration is performed in our shop for newer domestic made vehicles. A portable electronic device is plugged into the vehicle’s OBD II port. The vehicle is then taken on a road test and driven at set speeds and distance on well marked roads to recalibrate the camera system.

Precise Calibration

Your Auto Glass Discounters technician will tell you if your vehicle needs recalibrated with a windshield replacement. Your vehicle may require a static or a dynamic calibration, and for some vehicles, both are required. If this is the case, the static calibration will be performed in-shop while the dynamic calibration will require a road test.

Keep in mind ADAS technologies in your car are only as good as the way they’re calibrated. We are committed to our customers with a focus on quality, safety and service.

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