Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Yes, We Are That Confident

Lifetime Warranty For Auto Glass

We understand you want to choose with confidence the auto glass repair company to repair or replace your windshield, side glass, or back glass. With Auto Glass Discounters, we take away your concern because of our Lifetime Warranty.

Auto Glass Replacements

Feel confident about the Lifetime Warranty you will receive on your glass replacement. This warranty keeps you covered from manufacture defects on your glass and materials. Our warranty will also cover issues caused by workmanship. This includes water or air leaks that may occur after installation or any damages to the glass caused by our technicians.

Windshield Repairs

Our certified technicians utilize best glass practices to repair and restore the appearance and safety of your windshield. It is important with our repairs that the chip does not spread any further and cause the windshield to crack. If the chip fails and does crack, you are protected by our Lifetime Warranty and we will remove the cost of the repair from a windshield replacement.

While the warranty does cover workmanship, there are limitations to what it will cover. A few examples of what is not covered is including, but not limited to: A rock cracking the windshield after installation, unforeseen accident or weather occurrence, and anything else that is not directly cause by a material defect or workmanship failure.

How To Use The Warranty

Auto Glass Discounters stands behind their quality of work and materials, so that you will not run into any issues with the installation or repair. If there are any issues, please contact us right away. Your receipt is required to be eligible for warranty. We want you to have a positive experience with our services.